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Relationship Dynamics, Past and Present

A workshop for all those with experience of difficult relationships and/or an interest in understanding relationship dynamics.
Please enrol by 25 October.

Saturday 4 November     10.00 – 4.00    Fee: £37.00

More about this workshop   (PDF)

Anxiety – Friend or Foe?

We will explore the many aspects of anxiety and discover how to manage it and even find it useful. For anyone interested in, or with experience of, this widespread and powerful condition.
Please enrol by 22 November.

Saturday 2 December                 2.00 – 5.00               Fee:£18.50

More about this workshop (PDF)

Existential Perspectives on Everyday Struggles

We will look at meaning, ‘stuckness’, choices and responsibility, and how these dilemmas can be addressed.
This workshop has been cancelled 

Saturday 24 February               10.00 – 4.00                     Fee: £37.00


Emotions play a crucial role in our lives. We will look at how they are expressed, regulated and identified, and how we can learn from our experience of them, whether negative or positive.
Please enrol by 9 May. This workshop has been cancelled

Saturday 19 May      10.00 – 4.00    Fee: £37.00

Who Am I?

Can I know myself fully? How does other people’s perception of me affect my self-perception? Can I change, or is my personality fixed? We will investigate these questions as a way towards greater self-awareness, the opportunity for change and, ultimately, self-acceptance.
Please enrol by 13 June. This workshop has been cancelled

Saturday  23 June      2.00 – 5.00    Fee:£18.50

Christa Stadtler/Hatice Ari/Ingrid Hall

Additional £1 day membership if not already a BHCA member