Printmaking Workshops

Printmaking – William Morris Designs

Please enrol by 20 January

An introduction to Morris’s outstanding textile designs which students can then use as a basis for their own work in linocut (all printing materials supplied) or in watercolour.

Anne Daniels               Saturday 8th February         10.00 – 3.00             £39.00

Come and enjoy a creative day of watercolour painting or printmaking. No previous experience of either is required for this workshop.
First, we will look William Morris’s varied textile designs, and then identify one each to inspire a painting or print. Next you will sketch/trace a section of the design, (resizing and cropping), or you may develop a new design using key features of his designs. Then you will paint it in watercolour or print it from a block you will cut in lino or polystyrene (easy to cut).

For painting: You will need to bring watercolour paints, brushes and watercolour paper. Artistic
advice will be available during the painting process.
For printing: We will follow the plan below.
– Select a design from William Morris patterns provided and make an outline on tracing paper. 
– Transfer the design in reverse onto the surface of the chosen block: either lino (4.5 x 4.5 ins, 4 x 6 ins or 6 x 8 ins), or Polystyrene sheet. Then incise the design onto the surface of the block using cutting tools.
– Roll the block with water-based printing ink. Then print the inked block onto paper using
the press or via hand-rubbing.

Please bring with you:
– Overall / apron (to protect your clothes). Plastic gloves (to avoid water-based printing ink on hands).
– Pencil
– Ruler
– Rubber
– Painters need to bring watercolour paint, brushes and watercolour paper.
– Tracing paper (greaseproof paper) and printing paper (A4 typing paper) are provided. (If required, you may bring better quality paper for printing, which needs to be smooth surfaced.)
– Basic lino cutting tools are provided. (If you have your own please bring them). For polystyrene (the easiest material to cut), please bring a craft knife and other pointed objects, eg. Biro.