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Printmaking:  Christmas card prints

Anne DanielsThursdays 9 and 16 November7.00 – 9.00Fee:£30.60

Please note: an additional temporary membership charge of £1 will be made for non-BHCA members.

Two evening sessions to enable students to produce their own personal printed cards for family and friends


I believe that with printmaking, it is possible to create small images suitable for attractive and individual Christmas cards. Come along and have a go!

Over the two evenings, this course offers a chance to:

design a card
make a relief printing block with either lino or polystyrene
run off a set of prints
cut and stick them on to card blanks to create finished Christmas cards

No previous knowledge or experience of printmaking is required, just a willingness to have a go, enjoy yourself and see what happens!

Most materials and equipment are provided, but please bring an overall or apron to protect your clothes, and plastic gloves to avoid getting the water-based printing ink on your hands. Paper is provided for printing on. A card blank, plus envelope, is necessary to create a finished card. Six will be provided as part of the workshop. If you wish to make more cards they will cost 10p each.

Some additional equipment might be useful. Such as:

Better quality cutting tools. Basic cutting tools are provided for cutting lino or wood but, sharper tools are an advantage if you own them. Polystyrene is the easiest material to cut: for this you need a craft knife and cutting board (one is available in the class).
Other useful items are: pencil, ruler, rubber, palette knife/knives, craft knife, tracing paper, a bench hanger, cutting mat. These items are available to borrow but not on a ‘one each’ basis