Glass Tree Decorations

Create your own striking and attractive glass decorations to hang on your Christmas tree or elsewhere! Fee includes materials.

Pippa Davismoon       Sunday   10 November    2019    11.00 – 2.30            £28.50

Pippa Davismoon                 Saturday 16 November       11.00 – 2.30         £28.50

(+£1 if not a BHCA member

You’ll have pre-made examples with templates and simple instructions to follow or make your own designs. You can use frits (small pieces of coloured glass like sand) and pre-cut shapes or I show you how to cut your own glass, then assemble the design onto your own area of kiln paper for the contour kiln firing. This firing is between a tack fuse and a full fuse leaving subtle contours in the fired glass that catch the light when hung up.

The glass will be fired at Bedford House and be ready to pick up a week or so after the class You don’t need any experience to enjoy this class – just come along with enthusiasm and an apron. All the materials will be provided for you. You’re welcome to bring ideas or sketches of ideas from home but it’s not necessary as everything is provided.