Introduction to Bee Keeping

Saturday 1st August 2020

10am - 2pm

Come and discover the pleasures of keeping bees, which go beyond having your own source of honey!
Tutors: Mark Chambers & Robin Harman
£48.00 plus £1 temporary membership of BHCA
(if not already a member)

For further information or to enrol, contact the Office on
020 8504 6668

An introduction to the fascination of beekeeping, both in theory and practice!
Safety Precautions
We will provide bee proof suits and protective gloves for all attendees.
The suits are mostly jackets so it is important to wear suitable trousers which are loose fitting. Skin
tight leggings will not be sufficient to prevent a sting should that occur.
Boots or preferably wellingtons are a good idea as the bees might be attracted to the heat given
off by the angle with a thin sock.
If you have been near to horses, then you much not wear these clothes to the meeting as the smell will initiate a warning pheromone within the hive.
Similarly, the smell of banana and alcohol are defence triggers so no eating or drinking of either prior to the event.