Term Dates 2019 – 20

Term / Break

Start Date

Finish Date

Half-term Week

Autumn (12 weeks)

Mon 16th Sept 2019

Sun 15th Dec 2019

28th Oct – 3rd Nov

Christmas (3 weeks)

Mon 16th Dec 2019

Sun 5th Jan 2020


Spring (12 weeks)

Mon 6th Jan 2020

Sun 5th Apr 2020

17th Feb – 23rd Feb

Easter  (3 weeks)

Mon 6th Apr 2020

Sun 26th Apr 2020


Summer (9 weeks)

Mon 27th Apr 2020

Sun 5th July 2020

25th May – 31st May

Please note:

  1. Course durations may vary from the Standard Term Dates so please check the specific course details to find out about the course you are interested in.
  2. In some cases, dates may change due to unforeseen circumstances. On occasion a class may need to be cancelled in which case a replacement class may be added on after the end of term.
  3. There are usually no classes on Bank Holidays and courses normally on these days may also have extended terms.
  4. This year our half-term dates are aligned with Epping Forest schools.


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