Leigh Languages was established 34 years ago and is based at Bedford House in Buckhurst Hill. This dedicated language school offers a variety of languages course including Spanish, French, Italian, German, Latin, Modern Greek, Mandarin Chinese, Russian and English as a foreign language. A five-week crash course in Spanish was offered for the summer.

In addition, we also run short trips to places of interest in Europe. This year during Easter break a group of students studying Spanish visited Aguilas in Murcia, to see the renowned carnival, and in May another group visited Avila and Segovia, north of Madrid, to view these historical and cultural centres. As a celebration of linguistic learning, we hold one or two fiestas per year and encourage as many students as possible to participate alongside professional entertainers and bring family and friends to enjoy the music, recitals, dancing and refreshments. The next fiesta will be Sunday 2 December.

Most of the languages we offer range from beginner level to advanced and whilst the majority of the classes are for adults, we also have some children’s classes which we are currently seeking to expand, especially in French and Spanish, for the under 10 age groups. There are many reasons to learn a language ranging from the pure enjoyment of doing so to the necessity for business or overseas home ownership. You may have studied in the past and wish to revise or extend your level of ability. Local school students often find extra tuition beneficial or simply require an additional language, which is not available under their current curriculum. We are an exam centre for those who wish to take either GCSE or GCE A levels. Whatever the reason, if you are interested in taking one of our courses or have any questions about them, please visit our website or contact:

Principal’s Office:  07968 796 072                 Administration:  0208 504 9594

Email:  hejrleigh@yahoo.co.uk                       Website:  leighlanguages.co.uk

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