Welcome to the Virtual Summer Exhibition 2020!

It is wonderful to finally be able to celebrate the beautiful art works created by our talented and committed artist members, encouraged by their supportive and motivating tutors.  Thank you for sharing your great works!

The artworks are truly inspirational and makes it hard to decide which course/s to join in the coming course programme. The exhibition covers work done between 1 September 2019 and 31 August 2020.

Our artist members are very productive, but we have had to limit artwork entries to 1-2 per person per course due to virtual space and resource restrictions.  I would like to thank Patrick Purcell, Tutor, for volunteering his time and competence to curate and upload the Virtual Exhibition 2020.

I hope you enjoy the visit to the Virtual Summer Exhibition.

Best wishes

Lykke Leszczynski
Centre Manager

Summer School Art – Watercolour: Painting the Wild Garden - Tutor: Katherine Poluck

Glass Fusing - Tutor: Pippa Davismoon

Art for All – Tutor: Tony Swann

Oil Painting - Tutor: Tony Swann

Printmaking - Tutor: Anne Daniels

Sculpture in Clay - Tutor: Esther Neslen

Beginning to Paint in Oil, Acrylic and Watercolour - Tutor: Anne Daniels

Exploring Painting - Tutor: Jason Rose

Drawing and Painting (Wednesday Afternoon)- Tutor: Anna Bisset

Needlecraft work by 2019/20 students : Tutor: Margaret French

Watercolour (Monday evening) - Tutor: Katherine Poluck

Calligraphy (Thursday PM) - Tutor: Gwyneth Hibbett

Pottery - Tutor: Martin Chesterman

Watercolour -Tutor: John Tookey

Also from Our Members