Covid -19 Information

Some of the main precautions organisations and people can take to control the spread of Covid-19 and other virus are cleaning and social distancing.  We appreciate that our learners enjoy socialising and that it would be difficult to run our courses entirely online.  We have therefore taken the steps below to keep you safe.  All measures will be reviewed on an ongoing basis in relation to government advice and inhouse needs.

Cleaning and Hygiene

  1. A stringent cleaning regime by a professional cleaning company several times every day.
  2. Hand sanitizer available.
  3. All site users to wash hands frequently and effectively.
  4. Surface sanitizers available to tutors and learners to maintain their own space.
  5. Various signage displayed throughout the premises to remind us of what to do.
  6. Hourly ventilation of and air change in rooms.
  7. Soap washing shared tools before and after usage where sharing is unavoidable.
  8. Minimising the shared use of all items.
  9. Fitting specialist doorstops to minimse touching doors.
  10. Those with breathing hygiene issues (non-Covid-19 related) such as coughing, throat clearing etc to use face coverings.
  11. Learners and tutors are strongly encouraged to use face coverings especially where close contact is necessary, or where people are vulnerable. Tutors to discuss with learners and each class to agree usage.
  12. Tutors to check with learners at the start of classes if anyone has symptoms.

Social Distancing

  1. We are providing a compliant distance between learners. Large classes have been split over two classrooms or moved to the Hall.  This means that there will only 6 learners in each classroom plus a tutor. Learners will be situated in zigzag rather than opposite each other.
  2. Class starting times have been staggered. Class break times to be staggered.
  3. Health, fitness and wellbeing classes taking place in the hall have been reduced to 10 learners maximum.
  4. When possible, we will make use of the garden in a socially distanced way.
  5. Designating items to each learner such as own portion of clay; learners to bring own exercise mats and other similar items. Tutors will work with each class to minimise the sharing of items.
  6. Learners and tutors are asked to bring their own drinks such as water and hot drinks. Kitchen facilities must remain closed until government restrictions ease.
  7. All tutors have been consulted about issues specific to their courses.
  8. Tutors are adapting their courses to avoid or minimise sharing, to create workstations that are more fixed than usual, to review circulation in spaces to minimise people crossing paths.