Poetry – Appreciation and Exploration

Starting with the question: What is Poetry?, we will read, reflect on and discuss the writing of some of our greatest poets, feeding the mind creatively, as well as the ear!

Jane Colman
Wednesday 1.30pm-3pm

Autumn term starts on 2 October and runs through half-term.
Summer starts 6 May with a break.
 5w £39.70
5w £39.70

What is poetry?
John Betjeman reflects…
(Poetry is) ‘The shortest way of saying things. It looks nicer on a page than prose. It gives room to
think and dream’

Join me to ‘think and dream’; to explore a rich, wide range of literature in a non-academic way.

The aim is to foster a love of poetry and language, become thoughtful readers and listeners and
have fun in the process!

As Robert Frost says: ‘Poetry begins in delight and ends in wisdom.’!

Over the 5 week course, we will:
– Read and listen
– Think and reflect
– Explore, question and respond – Review and share ideas

There will be opportunities to:
– Write your own poems
– Learn how to review redraft and edit your writing.
– Research and find poetry for future sharing and thinking.