Pilates is a gentle method of exercise to strengthen and lengthen the muscles and improve posture. Regular classes aimed to give you a more toned, supple and balanced body, and a sense of inner calmness.


Belinda Payne


12.15-1.15pm (intermediate)

1.30pm-2.30pm (Beginners)

Autumn (12w)



Spring (12w)



Summer (9w)



Classes will start slowly to concentrate on the fundamentals of Alignment, Breathing and Centring,
and to practise correct muscle engagement. As the term progresses more exercises will be introduced. The intermediate class is suitable for those who have had previous experience of Pilates classes, and is a gradual progression to exercises which require more control and core strength.

Each class will consist of three phases.

Preparation phase: Relaxation and focus on breathing, alignment and activating the core muscles.
Mobilisation of joints.
Main Phase: Exercises for strength and stability, mobility and flexibility using flexion, extension,
lateral flexion and rotation.
Closing phase: Stretching and relaxation. Returning to standing ready to leave feeling lengthened
and toned with a calmness of mind.

Please wear comfortable clothing, for example leggings or tracksuit bottoms with elasticated waist, t-shirt and socks. 

There are some mats available at the hall but you may prefer to bring your own. Most people are more  comfortable with a small pillow or folded towel to support their head when lying on their back.

Pilates is a gentle form of exercise suitable for  veryone, however not all exercises will be suitable for clients with certain conditions. A modified or different  exercise will be given when necessary.