NEW! An enjoyable short course to suit everyone, learn the basic principles of mindfulness, including meditation and breathing practices.
Autumn term starts 30 September and spring term starts 20 January.
Monday 10am-11.30am

4w £31.80 4w £31.80

The course will run as a progressive look into mindfulness. We will start with the basic principles of mindfulness, then we will look into the breath and how the body is physiologically affected by a mindfulness and breathing practice.
Each class will begin with a meditation, then we will have a session in the middle where we will chat through the principles of meditation and breath work and have some team exercises etc. The class will then close with another meditation.
The class will suit everyone, even those with mobility issues.

Mindfulness is a practice that aims to bring us back to the present moment. It can be used in
our daily lives and ultimately can lead to a more balanced and peaceful life if it is practiced
regularly. We lead very busy and often stressful lives that can result in us existing in a
permanent state of heightened awareness which can bring about unpleasant physical and
emotional symptoms.

This course will look at the principles of mindfulness and how we can use them in our
everyday lives. We will be focusing on how we can create a regular practice to enable us to
reap the benefits beyond the duration of the course.