Exploring Painting

Jason Rose

Tuesday morning


Autumn (12w)
Spring (12w)
(9 w) £95.40


This course is ideal for either complete beginners or those moving on from drawing who wish to venture into the exciting world of paint and colour

The course will cover whatever media students wish to use – acrylics, oils, or watercolour.

There will be tons of advice, practical tips, and demonstrations covering everything from skin tone colour mixing to depicting light and dark, from painting water and foliage to using glazes. The tone of the class will be relaxed, fun, and informal – after all, art should always be enjoyable!

You will be encouraged to really express yourself through the use of paint, and by the end of the course you will be looking at the world in a different way 


To start with, bring a basic set of acrylic paints, an A3 painting pad (for acrylics or oils), and a variety of brushes. The tutor will advise on further materials as the course progresses.

Exploring Colour 3