Drawing and Painting (Painting in Acrylics & Watercolours)

Anna BissetWednesday pm2.00 – 4.30 

Autumn (12w)


Spring (12w)


Summer (9w)


What is the course about?

This 30-week course in art runs in 3 lots of 10 weeks and provides a foundation in drawing in pencil and charcoal as well as painting in acrylics and watercolours. The course is for mixed abilities and enables learners to explore their own artistic ability and gain experience in these useful and enjoyable art skills. Over time, learners will develop the confidence to pursue their own projects under the guidance of the tutor.

What will I learn?

Drawing skills such as proportion, tone and texture will be taught alongside painting techniques such as monochrome (single colour) under-painting, impasto and glazing with the use of gel medium. In watercolours, techniques such as washes, glazes and “wet-in-wet” will be included with simple projects such as trees, landscape and still life. Colour-mixing and colour-theory is included, as well as some perspective work. We work from life as much as possible with man-made and natural forms as well as some portrait and figure-work. With landscape and composition we also use photographs and art-works as resources. Learners will discover more about art and artists as their awareness and practical experience of the subject increases.

How will the course be taught?

Lots of tips and step-by-step guidance, demonstrations and individual help as well as projects and painting from still life. Learners may be asked to bring in objects for still life or reference material they have collected (photos, sketches, etc.). Learners will be assessed informally on a week-to-week basis.

Will I need to buy any materials before I start?

Please bring 2B & 4B pencils, a putty rubber, a good quality A3 cartridge paper pad to the first class. Acrylics will be needed before the end of term one. Watercolours in the summer term. Learners are advised on the purchase of acrylics during term one.

Are there any extra costs?

As well as painting materials and equipment, you may need to bring in still life objects (e.g.flowers), or contribute a small amount to costs such as colour copies.

Anna Bisset .