Drawing and Painting

Tony Swann

Thursday evening7.30 – 9.30Fee:  £110.00/£100.00/£100.00

This class aims to help guide people of any ability (beginners to experienced) in both drawing and painting skills.

We will look at all aspects of successful picture making: composition, proportion, mark-making, colour theory, perspective etc, in all areas of observational art – still life, landscape, and portrait.

The most appropriate materials for drawing are charcoal/conte/pastel

(but bring pencils if you prefer) and for painting are oil paints/acrylics

(or watercolour, if that’s your thing!) The aim is to help you discover ideas, approaches and techniques that will develop and improve your artwork whatever form it takes.

For the first class bring along your preferred drawing materials (not forgetting a rubber and sharpener if necessary) and a pad of cartridge paper (preferably A2 or A3 size – and we’ll start our journey from there…

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