Gwyneth Hibbett  Thursday afternoon1.00-3.00 

Autumn (12w)


Spring (12w)


Summer (9w)


Students will study
and other more advanced alphabets.

There is scope for more experienced students to do other decorative techniques, such as
illumination or colourwork.

Students will require:

  • A4 or A3 pad of paper – Ideally cartridge paper with a smooth surface, of a reasonable
    weight (more that 120gsm)
    – Edding Calligraphy felt tip size 3.5
    – A pen holder + pen nib/s – A good one to start with is a Mitchell size 1 nib (approx. 3mm). If
    you wish to get other sizes too you could, perhaps nibs in sizes 2 and 3.5. If you are lefthanded, you need to ask for an oblique nib in this size.
    – A bottle of ink – Recommended Pelikan 4001 black ink, or Parker Quink. Do not buy
    drawing ink because it will stick in your nib and not flow smoothly after a few strokes.
    – Sharp HB pencils, rubber, plastic ruler.