Jennifer HummMonday evening7.30-8.30Autumn (11w)
Spring (12w)
Summer (9w)

Regular exercise develops muscle and maintains muscle power.It maintains and strengthens joint mobility and posture and utilises energy, therefore increasing the general sense of wellbeing.
Classes begin at a low level of aerobic exercise and increase gradually.

Please wear comfortable clothing and trainers and bring a mat. Classes are designed to be enjoyable, non-competitive and effective for you.

Please bring to my attention any injuries or ailments before classes begin.

A Doctor’s or medical certificate will be required for any ongoing ailments to certify that you are in physically good condition to participate in aerobic exercise.
Please feel free to come and speak to me about any problems you may have regarding this course.

Look forward to seeing you. Have fun

Aerobics Class Format

Warm-up Phase:



Warming up the joints for the aerobic workout.

Pulse Raiser

Low level of aerobic exercise to raise the pulse.


Gentle stretching to prepare the muscle groups for the aerobic phase.

Aerobic Phase:


Build Up

Low impact moves to increase the heart rate for the hard aerobics session.

Hard Aerobics

High and low impact aerobics, keeping the heart rate within the training sensitive zone.

Cool Down

Low impact moves to decrease the heart rate back to its former state.

Post Stretches

Gentle stretching of all muscle groups used in the aerobic workout.

Muscular, Strength & Endurance

Toning up the muscles in the body by floor exercises or incorporating dumbells.

Maintenance & Development

Further stretching to lengthen the muscle groups in the MSE.

Relaxation & Remobolising

Relaxing all muscles in the body and relaxing the mind, bringing the class back to their feet to leave feeling vibrant and refreshed.

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